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Growing fuchsias in containers give gardeners  so many possibilities. Hanging baskets, half baskets and nursery pots are common.  They can be hung, attached to a wall, placed on the ground or on stands of various types. They’ll go anywhere as long as there’s some shade to protect their roots.


'Katrina Thompson'

And, fuchsias can be trained to grow into many shapes. These shapes rely on appropriate “pinching” and  some patience.

'Blue Gem'

A pyramid, a spiral and a ring!
In addition, fuchsias can be grown in almost any kind of container as long as it has good drainage, sufficient room for roots to grow and enough water and fertilizer.
Frankie Dennison's fairy garden.


Ron Herzog's yard.

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Anyone can learn how to grow container plants well. Click on the “Societies “ button on the home page and visit a local club!. You will be welcomed, and you’ll get some amazing ideas!

Photos by Joan Hampton , Ron Herzog, Faye Aune and Ken Pierce,, Nancy and Arthur Phillips, Eva Fisher. Betty Peary and some Unknowns.

The Northwest Fuchsia Society was established in 1983.


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