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Welcome to The Northwest Fuchsia Society Website! 10 new hardies on the Hardy List in shocking pink!   NEW SPECIES BOOKLET under "Fuchsia Books".


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Some NWFS Photo contest winners:


Class 1- Doubles- 2013

  First Place & People's Choice- 'Blue Eyes'

         John McMann                    

Class 2- Singles- 2013


Second Place- 'Deep Purple'

Betty Foster


Second Place- 'Astoria'

Dorothy McMann





Third Place- 'Blue Eyes'

Kim Gogal



Third Place-  'DebRon's Funny Valentine'

Betty Foster

Class 4 Gardens  2013


First Place- 'Little Beauty' & 'F. magellanica "Alba"

John McMann



Second Place- 'Tom Thumb'

Jerry Salas














'Southgate'- Patty Finigan




JoAnne Dailey's 'Red Spider'


    "Three Faces of 'Sara' "- Virginia Ferguson

'First Love' and the frog- Kay Berg


Virginia Ferguson- 'Cardinal'


The Northwest Fuchsia Society was established in 1983.


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Northwest Fuchsia Society

12735- 1st Ave. NW

Seattle, WA 98177-4221