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Welcome to The Northwest Fuchsia Society Website! 10 new hardies on the Hardy List in shocking pink!   NEW SPECIES BOOKLET under "Fuchsia Books".


Fuchsia Books

The Northwest Fuchsia Society offers  books specifically for Northwest growers.

 They are by NWFS members:




A Fuchsia Calendar
for  the  PNW

   *Quick, monthly, reference guide for growing fuchsias in
     the Pacific Northwest.

   *Basic info for container plants and for hardies.

   *30 color photos!

      $4 each 
       +$1,  if shipped.
        Fuchsia Fanciers-

Will Gibbs
197 Green Mountain Road
Mossyrock, WA 98564-9404



Example from the "A Fuchsia Calendar":



Water, fertilize, and turn.
Pests & diseases- watch and zap ‘em.
Pinch if needed.
Mid- May: Move plants outside- shade or part shade
Remove spent blossoms including berries

Mid-May:  PLANT deeply in a dish 3-4” down.
     Soil will fill in by fall. Mulch for looks, weeds…
Best location; full sun, good drainage.
1st year Plants:  water twice a week if no rain.
Watch for sunburn and shade the leaves.     

Established Plants:  water once a week if no  rain.






New edition

of our Western Fuchsia Species Society booklet:

                    "Growing Fuchsia Species in the PNW". 

          ~30 pages, packed with beautiful color photos with

                    information about growing them

            and about their characteristics and background.

$12  + $1.50 if shipped.

Contact:  Treasurer Walt North 

                 10710- 2nd N. W. 

                  Seattle, WA  98177Dues are $10 a family per year, when collected.



fuchsias fuchsia  Fuchsias fuchsia fuchsias fuchsias


Fuchsia Growing Guide

                for the Pacific Northwest.

by the Eastside Fuchsia Society.

An easy, basic guide for novices, this book covers how to propagate, care and winter-over fuchsias. It has helpful illustrations and recommendations for varieties, in black & white.

Mail order:

40 pp. $5.00 + $1.50 S&H.

Please make out check to Eastside Fuchsia Society and send to Sonneva Wood at:

4145 – 158th Ave SE
Bellevue, WA 98006-1823







The books can be purchased at fuchsia society activities or by mail.

See above for where your order should be directed.



The Northwest Fuchsia Society was established in 1983.


Mailing address:

Northwest Fuchsia Society

12735- 1st Ave. NW

Seattle, WA 98177-4221