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Welcome to The Northwest Fuchsia Society Website! 10 new hardies on the Hardy List in shocking pink!   NEW SPECIES BOOKLET under "Fuchsia Books".



winter hardy PHOTOS

of species, hybrids/cultivars that have been tested outdoors all year for three years on the West Coast of the Pacific Northwest (USDA Zones 7-9).  For more specific information, click on "Hardy Fuchsia List" (above) for the printable list that you can run off and take with you.

Corrections, additions and clearer photos are welcomed! 

Hardies A-B Hardies C-D Hardies E-F Hardies G-H Hardies I-L Hardies M-O Hardies P-R Hardies S-T Hardies U-Z

The Hardy List Photos-   E-F

Edith  (Sport of Margaret)

F. regia subsp. regia

Edith Jack  


Fairy Dancer

El Cid



Empress of Prussia  

Falling Stars  

Enfant Prodigue


Feather Duster

Enstone (Foliage)


Erecta Novelty


Firecracker  (American)

Eric Walther

First Lady-2


Eric's Hardy  


Ernest Rankin


Flat Jack O'Lancashire  

Ernie Bromley


Flirtation Waltz

Estelle Marie

fuchsias fuchsia  Fuchsias fuchsia fuchsias fuchsias



Eurosor Chroce

fuchsias fuchsia  Fuchsias fuchsia fuchsias fuchsias


Flying Cloud  


Flying Saucer (Haag)

Exmoor Wood






F. alpestris



Foxgrove Wood

fuchsias fuchsia  Fuchsias fuchsia fuchsias fuchsias



Frau Ida Noack

Fred Swales


Fuchsiade '88

fuchsias fuchsia  Fuchsias fuchsia fuchsias fuchsias 




F. regia subsp. reitzii 



The Northwest Fuchsia Society was established in 1983.


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