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Welcome to The Northwest Fuchsia Society Website! 10 new hardies on the Hardy List in shocking pink!   NEW SPECIES BOOKLET under "Fuchsia Books".


Aculops fuchsiae Resistant Hybridized


            In the 19th century, only a handful of nurserymen-breeders generated a dazzling genetic legacy of fuchsias

            we now enjoy.  I would suggest that the hundreds of amateur fuchsia growers today, working independently,

            could cumulatively accomplish even more by growing seed saved from mite-resistant plants that are pollinated

            randomly among the rich varieties present in their gardens.                                                                    

                                                                                                                        Peter Baye, AFS Bulletin, September/October 2005



HYBRIDS BY DR. PETER BAYE, San Francisco Botanical Garden/Strybing Arboretum: Dr. Baye has been hybridizing fuchsias for the garden and testing for gall mite damage resistance for many years. Some have been deliberate crosses with others done by Mother Nature.  In the PNW, they will be tested for hardiness; most will probably do well. These may not be all of them, nor are they all available outside of California- yet:


(Name- (parentage). Blossom type (Single…). Growth (Upright-Lax-Trailing).  Blossom color- Sepals/Petals.  Comments.)   

 'Albrae'-  [Campo Hatschbach  (F. campos-portoi x F. hatschbachii) x likely Campo Molina pollen   parent- F2 open pollination].  S  Lax.  Red/Purple. F.magellanica blossom form.    Easy to propagate as sticks. Hardy.

'Alta'-  (Campo Victrix x Lye’s Unique- sibling to Galfrey Lye & Galfrey Blush).   S U, Deep     pink/Smoky-pink;  tall & unbranched plant.  Strongly resistant; slight damage to leaves.

'Arouet Fils'- (Voltaire x F regia subsp regia).  S U.  Red/Purple.  Dark, purplish leaves with red  veins.   Probably hardy.  * Being propagated for nurseries.

'Blush Fandent'-  (F. denticulata x).  White tube, blush to white- green tips.  Prolific bloom; not   vigorous; hard to propagate with green tips. 

'Campo Molina' (F. campos-portoi x F. magellanica ‘Alba’).   S Lax. Red/Purple.  Small leaves;  woody, tall plant that will spread by suckering. Immune; no galls form. Rust resistant.  

'Campopple'- (Mrs. Popple x Campo Victrix). S Lax.  Red/Purple.  Strongly resistant; slight gall  mite damage to leaves.  Probably hardy.

'Campo Thilco'-  (F. campos- portoi x F. magellanica).  S Lax. Red/Purple.  Prolific & long  bloom  period;  easy.  Immune to gall mite damage; no galls form. Hardy.

'Campo Victor'-  sibling to Campo Victrix (see below) but lighter in color. Probably hardy.

'Campo Victrix'(F. campos-portoi. x Venus Victrix).  S Lax,  Pale pink- green tips/Dark pink.  Spherical tubes. Flowers 3 per node. Strongly resistant; slight gall mite damage to leaves.   Hardy. 

'Dell Campo Queen'-  (Campo Thilco x F. regia subsp. regia) S Lax. Red/Purple. 

Dr. Godronson'- - (Dominyana x F. denticulata).  S U.  Scarlet.  Large (larger than Dr.  Mahoney), waxy flowers, reflexed sepals; purple stems; large, oval purplish leaves.   Strongly resistant; slight gall mite damage to leaves. 

'Dr. Mahoney'- (Dominyana x F. denticulata).  S U.  Scarlet with pinkish highlights.  Large,  waxy flowers; purple stems; large, oval purplish leaves.  Strongly resistant; slight damage  to leaves.

'Galfrey Blush'- (Campo-Victrix x Lye’s Unique- sibling to Galfrey Lye).   S Lax.  White flushed  pink/Dusky carmine pink.  Self-branching; light green foliage.  Strongly resistant; slight  gall mite damage. 

'Galfrey Lye'- (Campo-Victrix x Lye’s Unique- sibling to Galfrey Blush).   S Lax.  White- tipped   pink/Dark carmine pink. Long pedicels, wine red stems; early boom; prolific.  Strongly   resistant; slight gall mite damage.   

'Grand Harfare'-, (Fanfare x F harlingii)   S Lax.  Orange tube/Orange- black-green tips/Dark,  smoky orange-red;  Long, fluted tubes, glossy sepals; dark green glossy leaves,  Erect, arching growth.

'Harfare Chinook'-  (Fanfare x F harlingii) S Lax.  Salmon-coral.  Like Grand Harfare in shape  and texture.                  

'Horicon'- (California x Campo Victrix)  S Lax.  Medium pink-orange/Darker pink.

'Issac Rowan'- (Corallina x F hatschbachii).  S Lax.. Red/Purple. Prolific bloom; slower growing,  compact shrub.

'Jan Jolie'-  (F. regia x- pollen parent possibly Hanna- sibling to Ruddy Rodney).  S Lax.   Red/Purple.    

'Kyle Peter'- (Corallina x F hatschbachii).  S Lax. Red/Purple.  Prolific, long bloom; recurved sepals; purple-red stems, purple flushed green, leathery leaves. Highly resistant-  infrequent galls. Rust   resistant.

'Mendonoma Belle'- (Albrae x F. regia hybrid).  S Lax. Red/Purple. Vigorous plant.  Fully  resistant.  Probably hardy. 

'Miri'-  (Campo Victrix x Lye’s Unique).  S Lax. Tube- watercolor washed pink. Light pink-     green tips/ Dark smoky-pink.  Medium height; serrated, bronze-purple leaves.  Strongly  resistant; slight damage to leaves.

'Porphyrio'- (Campo Thilco x F. regia).  S Lax.  Red/Purple.. Late blooming; large, vigorous,  arching, much-branched plant; purplish foliage. Highly resistant- infrequent galls. Rust  resistant. Hardy.

'Popplecorn'- (Mrs. Popple x Campo Victrix- sibling of Campopple).  S Lax. Red/Purple.  Sepals  hug corolla. Strongly resistant; slight gall mite damage to leaves. Probably hardy.

'Ruddy Rodney'- (F. regia x- pollen parent possibly Hanna- open pollination-sibling to Jan  Jolie).  S Lax. Dull red/White with pale red veins. Probably hardy.

'Strybing’s Peach',- S Lax.  Peach tube & sepals/Pale yellow. (F. fulgens x F splendens ),  terminal panicles with prolific bloom, not vigorous, irregular shape.  Highly resistant.

'Strybing’s Speciosa'- Sibling to St’s Peach.  Darker red and more vigorous.

'Trailing Starcross'- (California x Campo Victrix- sibling to Horicon)  S T.  Medium, warm  pink/Darker pink.

'Turner Mathew'- (Corallina x F hatschbachii).   S Lax.  Red/Purple.  Larger flowers than either  parent; long slender tubes & sepals; very large leaves, reddish foliage.  Strongly resistant;  slight damage  to leaves. Probably hardy.




An AFS member from Redwood City, California., Mary has been hybridizing for gall mite resistance for ~ 5 years.  She anticipates some doubles and trailers and is registering them with AFS beginning in 2006 with these two:


'Jim Lewark'- (Campo Victor x Other Fellow)  S Lax, white/orchid.  Infrequent, self-limiting gall formation.


'Elegant Rose'- (Campo-Victor x Other Fellow)  S Lax, shades of rose, sibling to Jim Lewark. Only occasional crinkling of a few leaves.


To locate these fuchsias, contact nurseries listed on our Growers' List.



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