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Aculops fuchsiae Resistant Hybridized


 fuchsia gall mite (Aculops fuchsiae-Keifer)


                Growing fuchsias highly resistant to fuchsia mite (DAMAGE)…completely negates the need for spraying.

                                                                                                 Carlton Koehler, Entomologist,

                                                                                                 University of California at Berkeley, 1985

The following information has been gathered from the American Fuchsia  Society, Dr. Peter Baye  (San Francisco Botanical Garden/Strybing Arboretum), Mary Cooke (Redwood City), Regine Plows (1998- Ft. Bragg), Marjorie Wickham (1985- Mill Valley) and other AFS sources in California. Both Peter Baye and Mary Cooke currently maintain a mite garden to test resistance.  Previously, Regine Plows and Margaret Wickham had used microscopes to detect mites and compare their numbers to the severity of the damage.  They found mites on some plants that showed no symptoms of mites.  (In other words, with the mites there and no symptoms, the resistance is really to the damage, not the mites themselves.  Think of it as a "carrier" of some disease that does not seem to affect the host.)   From 1982-4, University of California entomologists formally tested plants’ resistance and response to various controls.  

This is not a complete list, and there are conflicting reports. Some fuchsias seem to be resistant in one garden but not in another.  Mites are transported passively and need insects, birds, wind or gardeners to move them around.  Because of this, even in the midst of a mite infected area, they may have never been exposed to mites. The following list will be updated and corrected as more information is gathered.

Along with information from PNW gardeners who have had fuchsia mite infestations, THE REALLY GOOD NEWS IS THAT it has been  found that the mites are killed when frozen (in the low 20's or teens for 6-8 hours) for 3-4 nights on hardy fuchsias outdoors all year.


R= resistant.  Fuchsia gall mites will attack this plant, but damage is lessened to various degrees and at various stages in their growth pattern.  The ornamental value of the plant is retained.

I= immune.  Mites may be present but no galls are produced; little or no damage seen.


Section Fuchsia

            R- F… ayavacensis, cinera, crassistipula, decussata, dependens, gehrigeri, loxensis,  nigricans,  petiolaris, tincta,


            I-  F… boliviana & F. boliviana ‘Alba’, canescens,  denticulata, hirtella, mathewsii,

                                                 rivularis subsp rivularis , simplicicaulis, sylvatica, vulcanica.


 NOT resistant-  F. triphylla cultivars; F. harlingii;  andrei, hartwegii, santae-rosea, scabruiscula  & sessilifolia- conflicting  information- from ‘immune’, ‘resistant’ to ‘not resistant’).


Section Quelusia from Brazil  

            R- F… alpestris, coccinea, regia subsp. reitzii, regia subsp. serrae &  regia ‘Radicans’     

            I-  F…brevilobis, campos-portoi, glazioviana,  hatschbachii, regia subsp. regia.

                                    (F. magellanica from Chile & many of its hybrids are NOT resistant. Although not in this section, but also from Chile, F. lycioides is NOT resistant.)


Section Schufia

.           R-  F arborescens

            I-   F. paniculata


Section Skinnera

            I- F. excorticata


Section Encliandra

            I-  Encliandras (& cultivars).


Section Jimenzia

            R- F. jimenzii


Section Procumbentes

            R- F. procumbens


Section Ellobium

            R- F. fulgens

            IF. splendens


Section Hemsleyella

            R- F. membranacea, F. tilletiana



 Encliandra cultivars:

            Chance Encounter, Cinabarina, Coral Baby, Goodness Gracious, Hinnerike,, Isis, Lottie Hobby, Mason’s Tiny Tots, Mendocino Mini, Miniature Jewels, Minutiflora, Ocean Mist, Panylla Prince, Peaches & Cream, Reflexa, Think Pink, Tomarama, Variegated Lottie Hobby… too many to list.

OTHERS: Background included, if known. Checking the species above, one can see where resistance originated.   

I- if known as immune


Andenken an Heinrich Henkel  (F. boliviana x  F. triphylla ?)

Angel’s Earrings & Dainty Angel’s Earrings-

            from Suntory, Japan, believed to be crosses of a regia and F. glazioviana.

Aurora Borealis (F. splendens x F. fulgens)

Baby Chang (F. splendens x)

Baby Tutu

Baby Two Step

Balkönkoningen) (aka Balkon)- I

Bell Buoy

Bergnimf (F. sessilifolia x F. fulgens)

Beth Robley

Bow Bells


Cara Mia

Carnival- I

Chang (F. splendens x)



Constance (Sport of Bright’s Pink Pearl)

Curly Q

Curtain Call

Daisy Bell

Eleanor Leytham


Eternal Flame

Exoniensis (F. splendens Cordifolia x Globosa)

Fabian Franck (Gottingen x F. pilaloensis)

Fanfare (F. denticulata x)- I

First Success (F. paniculata x F. splendens)- I

F. x colensoi  (F. perscandens x F. excorticata)

Golden Anne

Golden West  (Fanfare x)

Graf Witte


Hidcote Beauty


Jubie Lin


Lady Boothby  (F. alpestris x Royal Purple)

Lechlade Chinaman (F. splendens x F. procumbens)

Lechlade Gorgon (F. paniculata x  F.  arborescens)- I


Leverkusen [Andenken an Heinrich Henkel   (F. triphylla x F. boliviana x?)  

Little Ronnie (Sport of Lorna Doone)

Lord Byron

Machu Picchu [Speciosa (F. splendens x  F. fulgens) x unknown]

Mantilla (F. boliviana x San Francisco?) or  F. triphylla x F.pringsheimii?)

Maori Pipes (F. excorticata x F. triphylla)

Martin’s Yellow Surprise  (F. piloensis x F. fulgens)

Mary Fairclo


Meip Aalthuizen (F. arborescens x F. venusta)


Mood Indigo [(F .lycioides x F. magellanica) x  Florentina]

Mrs. Victor Reiter  (Amy Lye x Mrs. Rundle)

Netalla (Sport of Chang)

Nonpareil (aka Gypsy Queen)

Other Fellow


Pink Jade

Pink Link

Pink Marshmallow

Praesident Walter Mario- I


Purple Rain [(F. lycioides x F. magellanica)  x  (F. excorticata x Ting-A-Ling)]


Red Fanling

Rubra Grandiflora  (F. fulgens x)

San Francisco (Robert Blatry x Mrs Victor Reiter)

Santa Cruz

Scarlet Ribbons (F. boliviana x Mary)


South Coast


Space Shuttle (Speciosa x F. splendens)- I

Tangerine (F. splendens var. cordifolia x)- I

Tarra Valley (F. x colensoi x F. splendens)

Texas Longhorn

Tinkerbell- Hodges



Wave of Life

White King


Fuchsias with waxy or hairy leaves are more likely to show less fuchsia mite damage.


Note that some plants have a parent that is resistant and one that is not.  To determine which characteristic the offspring received, it has to be tested in a mite infested garden and even better, directly inoculated with mites.


If you notice errors here, please do contact us:

NWFS Gall Mite Committee- Salli Dahl,; Frankie Dennison,; Gwen Jensen,;


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